Missing man and teen found dead by pal who used tracker app to look for them

A desperate friend located a missing man and a teenage girl using a mobile phone tracking app after a horror car crash.

Chef Caleb Horncastle, 23, was killed alongside Holly Poyner, 17, when he lost control of his Mini Cooper, an inquest into their death has heard.

The tragic colleagues were discovered by a pal who used the device to find them when they went missing.

The friends were found in the wreckage of the vehicle near Hereford on July 23 last year.

Caleb had been driving with part of his hand and arm in a cast when he left the road and ended up in a field, the inquest was told.

The Mini hit a grass verge and jumped a hedge, out of sight.

The pair suffered catastrophic head injuries and were pronounced dead at the scene, despite the efforts of paramedics.

Hereford Coroners Court was told how waitress Holly’s mum Samantha Poyner had became worried after waking up to find that her daughter was not in her bedroom.

She had gone to meet friend and pub colleague Caleb and the pair would often met up to go for a drive around the city.

Nikita Hemming, Holly’s best friend, was contacted by Mrs Poyner on the morning of July 24 to see if she knew where her daughter was.

A phone tracking app then showed Holly’s phone was in a field off the Dormington to Mordiford road at Clay Hill Pit.

Miss Hemming, along with another friend and her mother, went to scene shortly after 9am that morning.

Miss Hemming, who had known Holly since she was five, saw a car had crashed into a tree saw the tragic pair dead at the scene.

She phoned emergency services and paramedics and a doctor, who attended the scene shortly after 10.30am, found neither victim had a pulse.

Caleb’s brother Daniel, who shared his love of cars, told the hearing he did not believe having his arm in a cast affected his driving.

Blood tests carried out in the days after the crash showed neither victim had taken drugs, with only a negligible amount of alcohol found.

Giving evidence at the hearing, Mrs Poyner said her daughter was “bubbly, happy and clever”. She said Holly loved working at the Cock of Tupsley in Hereford, where she had met Caleb.

Investigations by West Mercia Police found no mechanical or structural problems with the car.

Accident investigator PC Howard Latham said visibility during the night would only have been affected by the darkness.

He was unable to give an accurate time for the crash, but worked out from automatic number plate recognition cameras that it would have been after 11.25pm.

Herefordshire Coroner Mark Bricknell said both victims suffered multiple head injuries and recorded the causes of death as a road traffic collision.

Justgiving pages set up for the pair at the time raised over £10,000.

In a tribute on Mr Horncastle’s page, a friend wrote: “Caleb would light up even the darkest of rooms, he was a kind and loving person who would do anything for anyone.

“He is going to be missed by so many people. He was a loving son and an amazing brother and always had a smile on his face.”